February 16, 2018

Escape to Vuemont, an exclusive gated neighbourhood situated atop the inland hills of Barbados overlooking the rugged western and northwestern coastlines of the island.

Vuemont is set away from the hustle and bustle, amongst the lush, quaint and tranquil parish of St. Peter to offer the ultimate getaway.

With extensive communal facilities and amenities such as a swimming pool, a heated jacuzzi, a children’s playground, tennis courts and much more, you’ll never have to leave. But still yet, Vuemont is within a stone’s throw away from amazing beaches, mouthwatering restaurants and exciting and well known historic sites on the island. Here are a few of our personal favourites to get you started.



Animal Flower Cave

Affectionately named after the sea anemones that reside in the ocean filled pools. A vast majority of the sea anemones are no longer, the cave itself is also a spectacular site, with openings that show itself to breathtaking views of the ocean as well as to watch as the waves break angrily a mere few feet away.

Distance from Vuemont: 19 minutes via car


St. Nicholas Abbey

Being one of only three genuine Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere, ‘St. Nicholas Abbey has a great deal of charm, character and history. But, not only is it an architectural marvel, you can also experience, learn and taste the St. Nicholas Abbey Rum which is made and produced on site.

Distance from Vuemont: 12 minutes via car


Wildlife Reserve and Grenade Hall Signal Station

Monkeys are quite cheeky and mischievous creatures and Barbados is well known for its green monkeys, therefore, this monkey reserve is definitely a once in a lifetime experience – that’s if you’ve never encountered monkeys before.

Distance from Vuemont: 12 minutes via car



Heywoods Beach

Surrounded by coral reefs, all of our beaches are blessed with crystal clear waters and golden sand and Heywoods Beach isn’t any different. It is also the largest beach on the face of the island as it spans from the Almond Beach Resort to the Port St. Charles therefore, you will find that the crowds are relatively small during the week and even on the weekends.


Great for: families, snorkelling, watersports

Cons: no facilities to change or shower

Distance from Vuemont: 8 minutes via car


Mullins Beach

Mullins Beach, is made for lounging and enjoying island life, therefore it shouldn’t come as any surprise that it’s quite popular for locals and tourists alike.

You can arrange to have lounge chairs and umbrellas once on site and with an amazing beach bar, you can also grab a few drinks throughout your time at Mullins Beach. If you find that the prices are a bit steep, there is a gas station within walking distance where you will be able to also grab ice cold drinks and well-known snacks!


Great for: families, watersports, sundowners

Cons: can get lively on the weekends but not over-crowded.

Distance from Vuemont: 11 minutes via car


Gibbs Beach

Located within close proximity to Mullins Beach, it is quite a surprise that Gibbs Beach is generally much quieter when compared. Although it does not have any amenities such as changing facilities or restaurants, you can find water sports operators which spill over from the neighboring beach.


Great for: families

Cons: no facilities to change or shower

Distance from Vuemont: 11 minutes via car



Fisherman’s Pub

If you’re looking to try authentic local food, this must be your first stop!

Fisherman’s Pub attracts both locals and tourists due to it’s amazing view, friendly staff and above all, delicious local food while not being expensive- a win win win!

But it should be noted that if you’re expecting, 5 star dining, this may not be for you – this is a laid back pub at its best!


Try: the flying fish and Cou-cou (the National dish) or macaroni pie

Distance from Vuemont: 9 minutes via car


Orange Street Grocer

The Orange Street Grocer sits alongside a boardwalk with spectacular views of the sea. If you’re a pizza lover, then you’d certainly love their thin crust, gourmet pizza which is cooked and baked to perfection in their stone oven.

This is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch and dinner for those looking for an healthy alternative while not compromising on taste.


Try: at least one pizza (because they are all amazing)

Distance from Vuemont: 9 minutes via car


The Fish Pot

The Fish Pot Restaurant, also an ideal setting for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sits directly on the water’s edge. Moreover, the Fish Pot Restaurant is the perfect location to spend the entire day. With a picturesque beach, a floating jetty and use of the facilities providing that you are a patron of the establishment – there really isn’t a reason to leave!


Try: the catch of the day

Distance from Vuemont: 7 minutes via car