January 6, 2017

Experience something truly exciting and memorable on your next trip to Barbados!  Capture the islands’ beautiful vistas while being in the thick of nature and lush tropical scenery. Make sure that your next trip includes a horse back riding adventure.

Navigate the unbeaten path and see the island like you never have before! Experience the morning glow of the east coast or trek inland and see the islands’ beauty up close. For those History buffs, explore the old plantation trails and be up front and present in the island’s on going history.



  • Shoes – that stay on, no slippers
  • Long Pants – to protect yourself from scratches etc
  • Loose clothing – for comfort
  • Sun Block
  • Bring a camera – capture the moment!


  • Hard Hats
  • Transfers (conditions may apply)


PLACES TO CALL – each is known for their wonderful service and expertise!



Location: Codrington, St. Michael

Telephone: 246 429-8227

Group Tours – a wonderful nature tour near the stable. The guide takes you on a little adventure through the islands’ inland gullies and mangroves. Price – $90.00 BDS/ $45 US for an hour.

Couple Tours – a guided carriage ride through the islands’ Capital, Bridgetown. Perfect for  a couple celebrating a special event or wanting to experience something new on the island! Price – $300 BDS/ $150 US per person

Private Lessons – a guided ride for both beginners and experienced riders, $90 BDS / $45 US for an hour, per person

*For more information on riding schedules please contact the stable



Location: Cleland Plantation, St Andrew

Telephone: 246 422-7433

Ride Barbados offers  rides and lessons. Riders will explore  the Scotland District National Park on the east coast of the island. Following the trail through a Rain Forest of Mahogany and Bearded Fig Trees, from which Barbados was given its name. Then head East through cart roads lined with Coconut Trees, to the oceans’ shore.

Hills, Forest & Beach , 1 ½ Hours – Priced at 180 BDS
Hills, Forest & Beach , 2 Hours – Priced at 230 BDS
Private Lessons – 45 Minutes (Call to confirm as days and prices may vary)

Note: accepts cash only!

*For more information on riding schedules please contact the stable



Telephone: 246 820-2667 – Ask for Roli

Enjoy an amazing beach and countryside trail, located in the stunning Scotland District. Jahworks provides riders with a private guide, full instructions and refreshments after each ride.

  • Countryside Ride, 1 Hour – This Barbados horseback riding trail offers a full view of the Scotland District and the scenic East Coast of Barbados. The trail takes riders through the unspoiled country side with spectacular and breath taking views of historic sites such as The Morgan Lewis Mill. Price BDS $160.00 / USD $80.00 Per Person.
  • Beach and Countryside, 45 Min -1 Hour,  – A great choice for beginners. This trail offers all of the above but is a flat trail and also includes riding on the breath taking East Coast Beach. This tour is also suitable for special needs persons. Price BDS $160.00 / USD $80.00 Per Person.
  • Country and Beach,  1- 1½ Hours – This amazing trail also takes  riders through the hills of the Scotland District and offers a panorama view of the basin of the East and North of Barbados,and goes down to the Morgan Lewis Beach. A camera is a must. Price BDS $180.00 / USD $90.00 Per Person
  • Beach and Countryside, 1½ – 2½ Hours  – This is a full trail through the Scotland District ,fruit forest,sugar mill and the east coast beach. Truly is an experience to have! Price BDS $220.00 / USD $110.00 Per Person.

Private Lessons –  $120 BDS/ 60 US per person

Note: Jahworks is happy to collect and return all riders to their accommodation for a small fee of $20 BDS/$10 US per Person.

*For more information on riding schedules please contact the stable



Location: Newcastle, St.John

Telephone: 246 433-6772

Enjoy rides along the untouched southeastern coastline of Barbados where the scenery is simply spectacular and the atmosphere is peaceful and remote.

  • Coastal Beach & Countryside Ride, 1 Hour – Enjoy incredible views from your horseback, riding fun trails down to Bath Beach and back, riding at a leisurely pace. This is a great tour for the beginner equestrian. Price $140 BDS/$70US
  • Bath Beach Riding Tour,  1½ Hours – Miles of great riding with the sweet Barbados Atlantic Coast breeze to cool you down. Riders are likely to spot local wildlife as they trek through lush vegetation on down to Bath Beach. Price $160 BDS / $80 US
  • Barbados Heritage Riding Tour, 2 Hours – This ride takes you to some of the best look-out points on the island. Each with a spectacular view of the coast. This specific  package takes in Conger Bay, Bath Beach and Codrington College with Barbados’ heritage being the main focus of the ride. Price $180 BDS / $ 90 US
  • Adventure Riding Tour, 2 Hours  – This tour is catered for the more experience rider. Riders will explore Hackleton’s Cliff which rises 1100 feet above sea level. Riders will truly experience the wilderness of the unspoiled East Coast of Barbados on this ride. Price $180 BDS / $ 90 US
  • Conset Bay Riding Tour, 3 hours – This is catered for riders who enjoy a challenging ride and are happy on horseback for longer periods of time at varied paces. There’s plenty to see on this ride! Visit Bath Beach and Codrington College along the way, meander through the cart roads on down to Conset Bay, a fishing village nestled deep in the east coast countryside of Barbados. Limit of four riders. Price $250 BDS / $125 US,

Note:  Rides are generally limited to six riding guests from 10 years up. Ocean Echo conducts riding tours 7 days a week going out early in the morning and during the late afternoon. All rides begin with a little riding introduction in the paddock , then the trails and back to the horse stables.

Ocean Echo is more than happy to collect and return all riders to their accommodation for a small fee of $20 BDS/10 US$ per Person.

*For more information on riding schedules please contact the stable

Choose the ride that best suits you. Happy exploring!