October 31, 2016

The travel industry has seen major shifts occur over the years, with increased accessibility as well as changes in customer preferences. Travelers wanting to book a vacation are no longer subject to long hours in a travel agency line, instead now can take matters into their own hands. This too has occurred for the more discerning traveler. Real-time availability has now made its way into the luxury marketplace and transformed the means of travel by offering instant access to palatial style rental properties across the world. The wealthy professional can now select from a number of verified options by a click of a button, thus securing a stunning villa in a destination of their choice.

How has this affected the Caribbean?

Unlike many destinations around the world, the Caribbean has been catering to luxury clientele for years. However in the early years it was quite different from how it is now. Private homes or villas in the Caribbean and especially Barbados were owned by wealthy English families and the only access to them was via personal invitation. Now these villas and newly built ones attract clients year after year. All because of  the introduction of social media and online booking websites. These once hidden homes are coming to light, allowing guests from all over the world a chance to stay at a renowned villa.

Why do they return?

Each villa represents wonderful furnishings depicting the old world of the Caribbean or introducing its modernity. They offer lush gardens, incredible views and staff inclusions. However many destinations, hotels and apartments are also trying to compete by offering the same standards. It is the emotional connection the homes create that sets them apart. These villas instead of being detached from the community and its culture are built within them. The Caribbean islands play host to guests who return each year to the same villa.  Its this passion that has pushed the market forward and will possibly continue to maintain its growth.