October 20, 2017

We are accepting Bitcoin!

The Winter Holiday season is vastly approaching in the Caribbean. As Millennials ourselves, we love and embrace the new technology which is Bitcoin and Blockchain technolgoy. We believe in its power and it’s incredible benefits such as the enablement of faster and cheaper remittances to the region and fellow developing countries of the world.

Several travel companies have already been long acceptors of bitcoin including Expedia and Chepoair to book hotels and BTCtrip.com to book flights. 

Caribound represents over 1000 luxury homes in the Caribbean, ranging from affordable luxury homes starting at just BTC 0.03 Per Night to Super Luxury Homes at BTC 4 Per Night.

We look forward to welcoming the bitcoin community to our beautiful vacation rental villas of the Caribbean this holiday season.

For more about Bitcoin you can watch this quick 1.3 minute video