August 15, 2016

It should be no surprise that we have our preference when it comes to holiday accommodation, but why would you take our word for it? For all those skeptics out there, we know that the term “villa” sounds fancy, elegant and expensive, but don’t let this word scare you. At present, the word “villa” is simply used to describe a vacation home which shares similar amenities to a hotel. So in a true skeptical form you’re probably wondering, “so why should I rent an entire vacation home when I can simply rent a hotel”? Here we will give you five great reasons that would make you want to ditch the hotel right now, and quite frankly, you’ll never want to go back, trust us!

1.   Bang For Your Buck

With a villa rental, you’ll have the unique benefit of tailoring a luxury villa rental to suit your pocket. If you’re travelling with a large group, some villas can have as many as 10 bedrooms or for those couple retreats as little as 1 bedroom! Better yet, we’ll take on the “hassle” for you and find the perfect villa to make sure you truly get that “bang for your buck”!

Bonus: A villa rental can be extremely cost effective especially when travelling with a group hence making it a great alternative to a hotel. Also, no matter the size of your budget, a villa will usually not only provide more space than most hotel rooms but also outdoor areas such as terraces, lounging areas and breath-taking gardens.

2.   Privacy Without Being Secluded

Picture not having to deal with noisy guests at 3:00am or even having to scramble for pool chairs, to then sit in front of a pool overflowing with people. Do we really need to say anymore?

If you are looking to completely relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get far away from the crowds, there’s really only one choice you should be making. Hotels simply cannot guarantee that you will not have to deal with noisy and often times, inconsiderate neighbours or even untimely housekeeping service. But we can because relaxation is completely up to you. You can enjoy yourself without disturbing anyone else and better yet, without anyone disturbing you. Sounds blissful yes? Sounds like paradise!

3.   Amenities

Vacation rentals usually come well equipped with a wide range of amenities similar to those you’ll find in a hotel room, from everyday comforts such as satellite/cable TV, wireless internet, blow dryer and the use of the pool. But some luxury vacation rentals go one step further by offering state-of-the-art fitness centres, private swimming pools, entertainment rooms, and even home theatres without any hidden costs!

You would think that it couldn’t possibly get any better, and you will be completely wrong! Your vacation rental will boast a fully-equipped kitchen, where you will find all the appliances you need to cook your own meals.

Bonus: Some luxury vacation rentals will also offer a chef and a butler! This will not only help you save tonnes of money by not dining out every night, but you’ll also be able to eat in a more relaxed and fun atmosphere.

4.   Freedom and Flexibility

Simply put, you can do anything you want (within reason of course)! You can come and go whenever you please without reporting to security or front desk every time you leave, you can sunbathe topless or even have a swim at midnight without disturbing anyone. This level of freedom is paramount and cannot be met by any hotel! But of course, if you can find a hotel that gives you such freedom and flexibility, we would love to know.

5.   A Home Away From Home

Let’s be serious here, no one books a hotel room saying they will spend a large amount of time enjoying it because a regular hotel room simply cannot offer the same level of warmth and welcoming nature that a villa distinctly has! Villas operate as a regular home and hence they are equipped with everything you’ll need to kick back and relax. Odds are, you probably would not spend much of your time in a hotel room, but with a villa, it’s the complete opposite and that adds to the enjoyable experience of your holiday!