October 19, 2016

Caribound, Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO are all useful sources for travellers to revolutionise their vacation experiences at the price that best suits them and also for homeowners to showcase their unique abodes.
So which company best suit your needs?


1.  More For Your Money … Much More!

One of the main reasons why travellers have ditched the hotel for these websites is to save way more than a penny or two. However, with there being so many vacation rental websites on the market, how do we know which website truly offers that “bang for your buck” while catering to your specific set of needs.


Caribound: Simply put there are no fees – no host fees, and no guest fees! If you book directly with Caribound, a 50% deposit at the time of booking is required and the balance is due 30 – 60 days prior to your stay.  


Airbnb: upon completion of your booking not only are you required to pay the full amount upfront, but there is also a host’s service fee of a 3% which is typically calculated from the reservation subtotal (before fees and taxes). And, it doesn’t end there, as there is also a guest service fee which equates to around 6-12% depending on the specifics of the reservation every time a reservation is confirmed – yes, every single time!


HomeAway and VRBO: once the booking has been accepted by the property owner or manager, a 6% (approximately) service fee of the rental amount is required (excluding refundable deposit or taxes). Along with the guest service fee, there is also two host fee options to choose from:

  • annual subscription – $349 for properties with online booking and $499 for properties without per annum
  • pay-per-booking – starting at 8% per booking


In the end, it all adds up and Caribound certainly helps you stretch your money further, by not only helping the traveller save money but by also helping the host as well – money that can be used towards renting a car, hiring more staff or purchasing meals or even enjoying more jet ski rides!


2.  Vacation Rental Specialists In The Caribbean

Caribound:  With 700+ listings spread across 8 of the Caribbean’s most desired islands, Caribound carefully selects the finest vacation rentals to represent the very best that each island has to offer. With fabulous interior and architectural concepts, ideal locations, privacy and security, high-end furnishings and fantastic amenities, Caribound brings together vacation rental properties throughout the Caribbean under one coherent brand and management so you can experience them!

Caribound also takes it a step further and sources the villa of your dreams through their Atelier Department – that is, if you believe that you have a need that you think cannot be met by their listed properties.


Airbnb: with more than 1,000,000 listings in 34,000 plus cities spanning 190 countries, Airbnb focuses on being a major hub (for owners and travellers alike) for any type of accommodation, whether it be:

  • shared rooms
  • private rooms
  • and entire homes or apartments.

What’s more is that Airbnb also accommodates instant bookings as well as long-term stays.


HomeAway and VRBO: with more than 1.2 million listings across the globe in 190 countries, HomeAway focuses on bringing travellers to their perfect vacation rental – a home away from home, while rental owners and property managers alike are allowed to advertise their properties and manage bookings online.  VRBO is also very similar to HomeAway and has more than 794,000 active listings all around the world but focuses on entire homes and apartments which are kid-friendly as well as pet-friendly.


Due to Airbnb’s massive listing and various levels of accommodation, hosts usually list their own homes for periods when they are out of town, or share dwellings as a source of extra income. This makes Airbnb the best vacation rental website for hosts because it acts as a community marketplace where any dwelling whether a room or an entire home can be advertised. This allows HomeAway and VRBO to sweep in and be the best for American travel because while they also deliver a great listing, owners pay to advertise their homes which do not have permanent occupants, making it easier for the traveller to rent.

With Caribound specializing in affordable luxury vacation rentals within the Caribbean, both the host and the traveler are winners because not only does the host make money but depending on the traveller’s budget, any vacation rental can be tailored to your pockets complete with maid service, chefs, babysitters, butlers and tennis coaches just to name a few.


3.  Professional (And Personal Service) – Because Less Is More!

Caribound: with fewer listings than Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO, Caribound is able to offer a whole lot more help. So with 24/7 assistance  (if you need them), from customised grocery stocking to airport transportation and car rentals to your own personal concierge/travel assistant to help you plan all of your activities. They truly help you get the most our of your holiday so you can indulge in the perfect stay.


Airbnb: Due to their various levels of accommodation, it is possible that your interaction with the host would be of a more intimate nature. Airbnb cannot guarantee anything that revolves around the personality and professional nature of your host. Some hosts are nothing short of pleasant and accommodating and you’d want to return time after time. On the other hand, some hosts can be complete nightmares who could turn your vacation into a nightmare.


HomeAway and VRBO: similar to Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO simply acts as a venue to allow homeowners and property managers alike to advertise various vacation rentals to potential renters. Therefore, they also cannot guarantee if you will be lucky enough to encounter a great host or the complete opposite.


Regardless, they all offer reputable 24/7 support teams but nothing quite beats the personal yet professional service that Caribound is able to offer. After all, it’s the pictures, the price, the location that truly sells a vacation rental, but what keeps you coming back time and time again is the experience and Caribound goes above and beyond in every way.



Can I Get My Money Back?

Caribound: cancellation policies are consistent across the platforms.


Airbnb: offers various cancellation policy levels to protect not only the traveller but the host as well. The host can choose among three standardised cancellation policies:

  • Flexible
  • Moderate
  • Strict


HomeAway and VRBO: HomeAway offers their hosts the option of choosing one of five options:

  •         No refund
  •         Strict
  •         Firm
  •         Moderate
  •         Relaxed

On the other hand, every VRBO property has an individual cancellation policy.  While most hosts do not give complete refunds, the more notice that you are able to give to the hosts, the likelihood of the vacation rental being re-rented increases and so does the likelihood of you being able to secure a partial or a complete refund.


Not only are vacation rental websites useful for the individuals, couple or group, they will also guide and inspire you to discover a whole new vacationing world!